Are you a feminist, a feminist ally, or simply a supporter of equality? Then we want to see you for the biggest show of solidarity EVER!

We want to show that gender equality is important, it’s a priority, and unfortunately, it’s still not yet a reality. We want to show that there can be solidarity amongst feminists, and we want an opportunity for all you lovely people to meet one another. It’s a time to network, to have fun, and most importantly, to be counted.

This is also a great opportunity to learn more if you’re curious about feminism! If you’re already clued up, bring a friend or relative (or all of them!) so that they can get involved too. Who knows, maybe if we all put our heads together we’ll even come up with a solution for the patriarchy. If not, let’s hope for a good time.

Feminist Solidarity Fest is completely FREE, and open to all.

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