Are children allowed?

Yes! Our 2015 and 2016 festival saw lots of children attend and we had facepainting and awesome weather to help that, we want to be a fully accessible event.

Are men allowed?

Yes! We’ve had The Great Men project join us two years in a row delivering workshops based on their work challenging stereotypes of masculinity and engaging men and boys in the movement towards gender equality. Although of course, we encourage men to get fully involved in all activities at Feminist Solidarity Fest.


Do you have a safe space policy?

As a group, Fourth Wave are 100% trans-inclusive and we will not tolerate any transphobic speech at the event.

While we cannot have full control over what our speakers say on the day, they know our policies on inclusion, and we expect them to respect that. They have all been briefed on our manifesto and expectations regarding this. (Our manifesto can be found at www.fourthwave.co.uk)

We will also do all we can to make the event as safe a space as possible. We have taken into account representing trans voices with our line up, and welcome feedback and suggestions for how we can make the festival a more welcoming place.


I want to speak/sing/volunteer/[verb] at the festival!

That’s amazing! Please email fourthwavelfa@gmail.com to be considered. We’re going to be announcing the line up very soon! If you would like to volunteer, we will ensure you’re on our mailing list and will be in touch with responsibilities (you’ll get a choice, don’t worry) and appropriate information for the day.

I have more questions! 😦

Well, fab! Just send us an email at fourthwavelfa@gmail.com and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.